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I don't give out bad advice. I've taken enough bad advice to know better and be able to differentiate between the two.

I have a lot of advice I've writte down on my website at MMusgrove.com.[http://mmusgrove.com/] Start there. I'll try to merge it all together.


Never pay retail for anything, ever.

The path of progress in most American cities is through the northeast quadrant.

Learn to recognize quality, buy quality, and take care of your things. It's a path to wealth and more enjoyment of your things.



Communication is the most important thing to work on as a couple. That goes for marriage, dating, business, friendship, family, anything. Communication failures are what cause the most problems in life. Every problem has a solution, and that solution can usually be found via communication.

Divorce can happen to anyone. Don't let it happen to you. Talk before pulling the trigger. My family would still be together if that advice had been taken.