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#Music - 1

Note: this isn't a comprehensive list, by a million miles. There was a time when I was going to see live bands in Charleston at the Music Farm, Myskyns and Cumberlands mostly, at least several times a week for years, not to mention all the festivals and events with live music friends of mine like the Blue Dogs played at. But the big-name bands I saw in DC, Columbia, Atlanta, St. Petersburg, and a bunch of other random, larger cities.

  1. The Allman Brothers
  2. The Who
  3. The Grateful Dead
  4. The Ramones
  5. Crosby Stills & Nash
  6. Neil Young
  7. Sting
  8. Paul McCartney
  9. Kid Rock (shudder) I sat next to him before the performance and didn't know who he was. I thought it was some drunk redneck. Which it was.
  10. Dave Matthews
  11. Little Feat