Meet the New Fox.ONE

Article Outline

During the recent months, the team has been working on new Fox.ONE. Now I am proud to show you.

New Fox.ONE has been rebuilt and redesigned in every aspect. It has better interaction design, better interface, and more amazing features.

Let’s go down for the details.

Fresh modern design

We totally redesigned the App in new Fox.ONE. We ponder the simplification of UI elements in order to reduce the redundancy. Eventually, you can see the differences and how they improve your user experience.


πŸ“± Simplified view

The new view has a clean and good-looking appearance which presents all the information you need.

βŒ— Clean navigation

Intuitional navigations are used widely in Fox.ONE. You will always know where you are, and find what you want.

πŸ™†πŸ½β€ TEE integration

In TEE supported devices, you can use Face ID or Touch ID instead of the PIN authorization.

πŸ›‘ Better PIN protection

The simple but strong protection is fortified by serious cryptography in the backend. Our engineers work really hard to keep your information and cryptocurrency assets in safe. What you need to do is to remember the PIN and never don’t tell anyone.

Explore the market with DATA

A brand new tab called β€œMarket Data” has been introduced to new Fox.ONE, which includes new features to help you explore the real cryptocurrency market.


πŸ•Ž Market detector

Monitoring the sentiment of investors for better trading strategy. By using the smart algorithm, Fox.ONE provides an elegant interface for detecting volatility of the entire market, and reveal emerging trends.

πŸ“ˆ Indices

Indices are true productivity booster for traders, not only offering a good visualization for dense price data, but also signals of trading.

πŸ” Overwatch

How coins and tokens flow between the accounts over blockchain affects on the price? Overwatch is a good tool to monitor the whole flow and tell you the result. You can read the result, and also make a prediction.

πŸ—‚ Categories

It’s very convenient if you want to explore tokens or coins in a big picture, or by different industry. It makes sense to classify all tokens in 19 categories.

Read news

New Fox.ONE App aggregates multiple trusted news sources with 10 categories in three languages.


β›© Read the world

The new translator powered by Microsoft’s AI-based translation engine has been integrated into the news to help you better understand the news.

πŸ‘« Read, share, discuss

Share what you care about in the cryptocurrency world to your friends in social network and join the discussion.

View and Trade

πŸ’Ή Read the market via chart, indicators, and information

No matter which kinds of investment style you are, the profound dashboard views always satisfy you.

πŸ“Š Trading across the exchanges

Fox.ONE provides multiple top-ranking exchanges for trading.

πŸ’¬ Discuss with friends who buy the same tokens

In the discussion page, you’ll find the people who care about the token like you. Go to see what they are talking about and share your views.

All cryptocurrencies in one well-designed wallet


πŸ’΅ Powerful integration

The wallet supports 11 different major cryptocurrencies and the extensional tokens based on them, which give you an overall view of all your assets.

πŸ€‘ Ease and pleasure

The wallet is so easy-to-use. All payments and transfers will be done in 1 second. One more thing, you can send lucky coins to your friends.

πŸ€ Lucky Coin

Share some coins or tokens to your friends with fun.

Get New Fox.ONE!

New Fox.ONE is available on Mac, iPhone, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Check out the official website: https://www.fox.one and get it.