Express your ideas using code.
Introduce to Quail
Please allow me to introduce Quail, a new press service, as a successor of GitPress. Quail has powerful AI integration, good editor supports and cryptocurrency payment.
Run snippets of code in your content
GitPress uses Code-Knack powered code evaluator to run code online.
The great reading experience
GitPress is designed to showcase your writing and coding in the best way possible, with the fewest distractions to your readers.
The clean writing experience
GitPress formats your content using Markdown, which is easy to learn and easy to write.
You own your data
GitPress sync content from GitHub and your private repo. GitPress promises that You own your data forever.
Compose with tools you already love
Benefit from Git and Markdown, write articles using tools you code.
Collaborate and publish
Invite your friends to create and edit. Any change can be synced to GitPress.
Powerful content
GitPress.io is compatible with Jekyll, Hexo and other popular static content generators.
Markdown on GitHub, great articles on GitPress, always in sync.