We released the world’s first technology-oriented blockchain ratings service called Fox.ONE Ratings

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We released the world’s first technology-oriented blockchain ratings service called Fox.ONE Ratings

What's Fox.ONE Ratings?

Fox.ONE Ratings is the first technology-oriented blockchain ratings service in the world.

Fox.ONE Ratings uses Code Analysis Technology, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Deep Learning to analyze the source code of the blockchain projects, to ensure that the rating is objective, fair and verifiable.

Why should we provide Fox.ONE ratings service?

The ratings is important to both individual and institutional investors. But there are some problems that in existed rating services:

Rating indicators are easy to fake

Click farming is common in the Internet industry to create fake metrics and still applicable to blockchain projects. The Dapp user volume, DAU, Incoming, retention, GMV, etc. are easy to fake. Moreover, the cost of fraud is low compared to the profit.

Ranking services carry the risk of price manipulation

CoinMarketCap is a super giant in the cryptocurrency world. The prices, market capitalization, liquidity, transaction volume and other data provided by the website are widely referenced, which affects the investment direction of investors to a large extent.

However, in January 2018, due to the serious premium in the Korean cryptocurrency market, CoinMarketCap did not make any announcements, and excluded the Korean exchange price from the ranking algorithm, causing the price of the currency to fall sharply, triggering panic selling and lost $100 billion market value in one night.

Rating agencies are untrustworthy

"A lot of rating reports are simply the advertisement!" "The founder of DPRating once said that the token of a project can be sold to others at a price of 80% or even 70%."

— An anonymous commented on the "DPRating", a famous rating services in Chinese.

In crypto-world, some ratings agencies are both a referee and an athlete. Under the great interest, there is a great risk of doing evil.

No professional technology ratings

The market price, is a comprehensive includes many factors: policies, opinions, finance news, technology etc. So we need as much information as possible to make good investment decisions. However, the existing rating services do not take into account technical and code ratings.

Fox.ONE Ratings fills this gap. We never deny the value of other rating services. We just hope that the ratings will be quantifiable to help you to make quantifiable decisions.

Brand new Fox.ONE Ratings

As a professional Blockchain-as-a-Service provider, Fox.ONE always been obsessed with making services better for everyone. Unlike other ratings, we do not rate blockchain projects from a revenue or financial perspective; we only rate a public chain project from a technical/code perspective.

We believe that it is correct for the following reasons:

  1. The token price of the project will return to the value of the project.
  2. The value of the project comes from both the business model and technological innovation.
  3. In the long run, a good technology project may not achieve success, but a successful project must have technological innovation.
  4. A great blockchain public chain project must be a greate open source project.

Our ratings are based on Merico's code repository deep analysis technology and the analysis of Fox.ONE blockchain experts, depending on five indicators: Robustness, Activity, Magnetism, Popularity and Originality. In combination with the aboved 5 indicators, we give a final rating score for each project.

In addition, we can conduct a more complete and detailed rating reports for specified projects according to your needs, so that you can understand your investment better.


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You can read the full report on the official website of Fox.ONE to learn more about Fox.ONE ratings.

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