GBI.news 2019.01.21 Update

Article Outline

This update includes two major features:

1. Show GBI components

At the top right of the GBI chart, the Chart | Spec toggle button is added. Click on 'Spec' to view the index components. In this view, we show the composition of the current GBI index through a ring graph and mark the weight of each component.

GBI components

Click on the tab below the chart to switch the visibility of the components and see the details of the them.

2. Better appearance of the market detector

The market detector is built on the data technology of Fox.ONE. In this update, we change the appearance of the detector from line indicators to meters.

In the two of detectors, we respectively indicate the long and short indicator and the emotional indicator in different color segments. We also give an intuitive representation in the form of pointers.

Below the detector meters, we explain the meaning of the current indicators in natural language.

Better appearance of the market detector