The story behind Mornin: Simplify, Anonymous and Ease-of-Use

Article Outline


Browsing the gallery of conferencing services, a lot of complicated software and Apps in your search result, is a terrible experience and that's before you've even installed them and registered account on them.

The creator of Mixin Inc, my friend, Cedric Fung, has been working from home with his crew for several weeks.

One day I needed to talk to Cedric in voice so I asked him to use Zoom.

"It's a fault" Cedric said, "Sometimes we just need a quick call to discuss something with others, we don't even need face to face with Zoom video".

In the end, Cedric and I can't find a straight simple service to just starting the audio conferencing reliably. So we made Mornin.

We don't really need a video.

Some people feel that energy is drained by video conferencing, both mentally and electrically (the devices and bandwidth suffer). We have researched this fact for a while and found that the problem with video-conferencing is that the body isn't there.

Video conferencing is a kind of illusion in which you can see people's faces but you can not really interact with them as normal. This creates a cognitive problem, and our brain cannot handle this situation well.

On the other hand, to have a good quality video meeting, we need to set up complicated software, to have a reliable fast network and to watch ourselves on the screen, which is also an unnecessary waste.


We think everyone has the right to privacy.

Privacy does matter for our cyber life. However, it is under great threat when we use Internet services provided by some companies.

For example, the famous online conferencing service Zoom has encountered a lot of privacy and security issues recently.

Some people told us there is a Web interface of Zoom which we can use in Web Browsers to restrict the permissions assigned to Zoom.

We don't think it will resolve the issue because you still need to register a Zoom account, your information is still in Zoom's database, they still have the ability to track your activities.

By contrast, Mornin needs no registration, keeps no activity logs or trackers, and does not ask for any personal information. It means that we don't provide you with something like "register or install our app to get better service".

We can not even recommend any cool chat rooms to you because we have no idea about the rooms, they are anonymous and they should be anonymous. What we can do is put our full effort into making Mornin work reliably as it is, without your personal information.

Mornin is easy to use.

Using Mornin is straightforward and simple, we built Mornin with ease of use in mind.

Just visit https://mornin.fm in any modern web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and type a room name before tapping the Join Button.

If you have no idea about the room name, you can use the dice button beside the text box to generate a random room name.

After you join a room, just share the link of the room with your friends or crews and wait for them to join.

You can feel free to allow web browsers to use your microphone, because it's a web standard and was limited in web browser's sandbox.