3 Easiest Ways to Buy MobileCoin

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I also wrote a Chinese version.

MobileCoin is a cryptocurrency designed for digital cash on mobile devices. It’s easy to use with near instantaneous transactions.

On their website, the team MobileCoin said they hold a wealth of expertise in cryptography, mobile, and telecom, with the founder of signal as an advisor. They also said they’re focusing on users and their privacy.

I think the guys of MOB have kept their words. At the beginning of April, famous privacy messaging app, Signal adds a payment feature, which supports MobileCoin as the primary transfer asset.

If you don’t keep MOB yet, you may want some. Today, I’d introduce easiest 3 ways to buy MobileCoin.

#1 Buy MOB at 4swap

4swap.org is a swap AMM protocol implement on Mixin Network, which is a place you can swap dozens of cryptocurrencies into MOB in seconds.

To use 4swap is simple. At first you need to install Fennec on your Firefox or Chrome browser. Fennec is browser based wallet like Metamask on ethereum. If you are familiar with Metamask, you will like Fennec.

You can fetch Fennec at Chrome Store and Firefox Addons, you can also get the source code at Github.

The first time launching Fennec you need to import an existed keystore or create a new one. Please follow the instructions at Fennec's guide page to create an account and backup its keystore file in safety, or you will lose all your asset in Fennec permanently (very important)

You will be asked for a password to protect your keystore in Fennec, choose a strong password please. Notice: You can't reset the password, please don't forget it.

Transfer coins to Fennec

Fennec is a wallet on Mixin Network, which is a cross-chain public chain. Because of that, Fennec supports dozens of mainstream cryptocurrencies.

Open Fennec, and click "add default assets" button, you will get a default list of unique assets. You can also click the plus button to add any asset you like in the list.

  • Click "Receive" button and select an asset you'd like to deposit, let's say BTC, you will get an address of Bitcoin.
  • Use this address to transfer Bitcoin from your exchange or your BTC wallets to Fennec.

It may cost 10~30 minutes to receive the Bitcoin, according to traffic condition of the Bitcoin Network. Please be patient and have a cup of coffee.

Trade at 4swap

Actually, you can buy any supported assets at 4swap, but this time, we will focus on MOB.

  • Visit the swap entry (https://x.firesbox.com/9L1I2), Click "Connect Wallet" button and click "Connect Fennec" button on the popup sheet.
  • Fennec will popup a dialog to ask you to confirm the authorization, please click "Allow".
  • Now 4swap has connected with Fennec.
  • At the swap page, select the assets you want to swap to MOB, and fill the amount. 4swap will calculate how much you will get from the swapping and show you the predication result.
  • Click "Swap" button to invoke the swapping.
  • Click "Pay" button at the popup dialog and type the password to confirm.
  • You will see the result in seconds to minutes (according to the network traffic) and get the MOB in your wallet.

#2 Buy MOB at Mixin Messenger

Mixin Messenger is an Instant Messaging App which uses Signal's protocol to encrypt messages.

An interesting thing is that there are a lot of bots in Mixin Messenger, include some trading bots. For example, 4swap I mentioned above also has a bot in Messenger, you can search "7000103537" to access it.

To buy MOB at Mixin Messenger is easy, please follow the steps to get started:

  • Step 1: Download Mixin Messenger from the official website and sign up. You will be asked to setup a 6-digits PIN to protect your wallet. Please remember it or you will lose all your coins permanently.
  • Step 2.1: If you have BTC or other crypto in your wallets or exchanges, you can simply withdraw some of them from your wallets or exchanges, and transfer to Mixin Messenger.
  • Step 2.2: if you don't have any cryptocurrency, you try the Wrye Payment in another bot called "Elite Wallet" (ID: 7000101425). Search it and visit the bot page, you will find "Wyre Cash In" in the "Tools" tab, which provides a way to buy USDT or USDC via credit cards and debit cards.
  • Step 3: Search 7000103537 in Mixin Messenger and add 4swap bot as contact.
  • Step 4: Visit the bot's home page, switch to "swap" tab to exchange MOB with other cryptocurrencies.

Other bots

There are also bots which provide trading services, and some of them have the English version:

  1. Exinswap (ID: 7000102352): a similar swap implement like 4swap.
  2. Mixswap (ID: 7000103767): an aggregated interface which integrated with 4swap and Exinswap.

If you have buy MOB at Mixin Messenger, you will get a bonus: there is a MOB community in Mixin Messenger. Please follow the link https://communities.mixinbots.com/join/uAxhxK to join the community.

#3 Buy MOB at FTX

The last is a traditional way to buy MOB at a traditional crypto exchange, FTX. In fact, FTX is the first exchange lists MOB as a tradable asset. At present, there are two pairs of FTX: MOB/USD and MOB/USDT.

If you are familiar with the crypto exchanges, you find that buying MOB at FTX is as easy as other exchange.

  • Step 1: Sign up at FTX.
  • Step 2: Complete KYC requirements if you want to increase the limitation.
  • Step 3.1: If you have BTC or other crypto in your wallets or exchanges, you can simply withdraw some from your wallets or exchanges, and transfer them to FTX balance.
  • Step 3.2: if you don't have any cryptocurrency, you may try the OTC market at FTX to buy some.
  • Step 4: Visit MOB/USD or MOB/USDT to buy MOB with USD or USDT. If you don't have USDT, you may need to exchange some USDT with other cryptocurrencies.

Compare ways

Why we choose it
4swap High-privacy decentralized AMM, no registeration required.
Mixin Messenger Multiple trading bots, MOB community.
FTX Old fashion exchange that is ease-of-use.


MobileCoin is backed by: 1. biggest individual BTC whale in China; 2. first investor in @SpaceX; 3. VC founded by former CEO of amex; and being integrated into the fastest growing messenger app ever, but still hasn’t been listed many big exchanges.

So I looked at the best places to buy MOB and settled on 3 ways with full instructions. Once you have chosen one of them, see your new MOB in your wallet or account.

Congratulations! You're a MOB owner now.