How does Bizkey use cryptocurrencies in the retail market

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Blockchain is gradually entering daily life

Opportunities And Challenges

It’s said that blockchain technology will subvert the traditional Internet and bring great changes to people’s life. There is a large amount of capital and manpower invested in this emerging market. In the last three years, blockchain enterprises are springing up like mushrooms. Let’s review this set of data:

As the June of 2018, the number of blockchain enterprise in China is second to the United States. According to the China Institute of Information and Communications Research, there are currently 1242 active companies in the ecosystem of the blockchain industry.

— — Source: China Information and Communication Research Institute and Trusted Blockchain Promotion Plan 1

The industry is fiercely competitive and a series of difficulty and uncertainty occurs in this process, but Bizkey is confident about the future.

It’s a big opportunity for the crypto community to get back to doing the hard work of building the future in peace and quiet with the exposure of awkward media and frenzied speculators.

About Bizkey

Bizkey is committed to expediting blockchain adoption through retail. With the decentralization of today’s marketplaces, services and networks, the transitional market of retail remain mostly untapped by technology, stuck with inefficiencies on logistics, payments, service quality, and accounting.


Bizkey adopts the method of transaction accounting, i.e. mining, to dig out the value of data assets and share passenger flow. At the same time, the digital currency opens the door for offline payment through a more reasonable business path.


Bizkey is a feature-ready platform introducing intelligent blockchain-based POS systems ( Biz-POS ) that support a variety of powerful applications to streamline and re-integrate merchants into the digital era, laying a solid foundation for the new era of ubiquitous digital lifestyles.


We adopted Fox.ONE’s payment and settlement scheme, which provides account systems, lightning network support across more than 10 main chains, and message delivery services. It ensures the premise of security, greatly reducing the difficulty of use, and thus easy to be accepted by users.


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About Fox.ONE

Fox.ONE specializes in advanced blockchain technology and empowers your business with technology. The open platform — Open.fox.one supports a series of solutions, such as full payment settlement solution, exchange solutions, and big data solutions.

Fox.ONE is also an aggregation platform for digital assets, which provides scenarios to connect with top-ranking markets and exchange, professional indices, and data analysis services.


Currently, Bizkey has 500,000 business users and 40 million end users. Bizkey aims to let digital currency payments go into daily life, become the standard for offline digital currency payments in the future, and ultimately form an ecological value system.

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