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3.2 Use table of content

Article Outline

GitPress uses a regular Markdown file as the table of content, which named TOC.md.

To enable the table of content for collection, you should put TOC.md under the Repo Directory.

Assume your article directory is src/, then the repo structure should be:


The constructor of TOC.md

TOC.md is built by several section and list.

You can use HEADING prefix # to start a section and use unorder list to arrange the table of content.

Each list should be a link to filename without '.md' extension. For example, this file named welcome.md, you can specify welcome as the link.

Example: the TOC.md file of this collection

# Getting Started

- [1. Welcome to GitPress](welcome)
- [2. Your first article from GitHub repo](first-article)
- [3. Use GitPress collections](collection)
    - [3.1 Create a collection](create-a-collection)
    - [3.2 Use table of content](collection-toc)
- [4. FAQ](faq)
- [5. Troubleshooting](troubleshooting)

# User Manual

- [Front matter specification](front-matter)
- [Supported languages](languages)
- [Setup repo manually](setup-manually)