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2. Your first article from GitHub Repo

Article Outline

GitPress uses Git to sync articles. So you can use the tools of development for publishing.

  1. You need to prepare a GitHub repo.
  2. Login to GitPress via Github account, select the repository.
  3. To keep your articles synced, GitPress will ask for adding a webhook at GitHub get notified when something changes.
  4. Now, you can compose articles now. Any changes at master branch will sync the articles to GitPress automatically.

Prepare a GitHub repo

You need a GitHub repository to contains your articles files. Go to Github, create a new repository.

  1. You can use any repository name. For example, my-blog.
  2. Choose the Public permission options to make sure the repository is visible to the public.
  3. Tap Create repository.

Choose a repo

Login to GitPress. Choose a repository which contains your articles.


Setup article repo

GitPress uses webhook to sync content from GitHub. You'll be asked for a permission to add a webhook.

In addition, if you choose a private repo, you'll be asked for a permission to add a deploy key in this step.

Almost done

Tap "Allow" to complete setup.

Compose and commit your first article

All done. Now you can add a new Markdown file at repo, write something, commit and push. All changes will be synced to GitPress automatically.