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Front Matter Specifications

Article Outline

Front-matter is a block of YAML at the beginning of the file that is used to configure settings for your writings. Front-matter is terminated by three dashes when written in YAML.

title: Hello World
date: 2013/7/13 20:46:25

You can append the front-matter to enhance your posts.

Additional properties could be specified in front-matter, such as Tags, Publish date, title, excerpt, etc.

Settings & Default Values

Setting Description Default
title Title required
date Published date Article created date
tags Tags []
excerpt Excerpt ""

Example: the front-matter of this article

title: Front Matter Specifications
tags: ["GitPress", "GitPressHelp"]
excerpt: Explaination of front-matters, settings and default values supported by GitPress.
date: 2018-12-31