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1. Welcome to GitPress

Article Outline

Welcome to GitPress, where code matters.

GitPress is a place where you can express ideas using both content and code.

A place for writing and reading network with good experiences.

GitPress is designed from the ground up to work the same way your code works.

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Run snippets of code from your content

GitPress uses Code-Knack powered code evaluator to embed code in your content.

As a writer, You don't need to edit code in jsfiddle or gist. What you need do is write code in Markdown format and publish at GitPress, and GitPress will do the rest.

as readers, they can modify and run your code online.

Checkout the demo to run code in GitPress

The great reading experience

GitPress is built for developers, also designed to showcase writing and coding of every people in the best way possible, with the fewest distractions to your readers.

GitPress spent a lot of time making sure the reading experience is great regardless of the device or screen type you’re using.

The clean writing experience

GitPress formats your content using Markdown, which is easy to learn and easy to write.

You can use any editor you like to compose your articles. In additional, GitPress uses Git to sync content, you can also use Github's online editor to write your articles. It is a way make you focus on writing.

You own your data

GitPress sync content from GitHub and your private repo.

You can remove all content from GitPress any time. GitPress promises that you own your data forever and will not be exploited.