Low-Latency Multichannel Audio in Unity

Article Outline

Easy way to play multichannel audio with low-latency!

We released Unity Asset

The tutorial video is available:
Low-Latency Multichannel Audio in Unity

Why is the standard API not enough?

Although Unity has several playback APIs, all of them are difficult to handle multichannel audio, and they are based on Windows Multimedia Extensions MME which has high latency (about 150-200 ms).

How low-latency?

This assets is based on ASIO to provide low-latency multichannel audio playback. The latency can be less than 10 ms (If the operating environment is good, 1 ms or less can be realized). However, it is a method to play each sound source manually, and automatic 3D audio function can not be used.

What application is suitable for?

  • Music, rhythm and shooter games that require high response
  • Products and events that handle many speakers
  • All of DAW applications!