This project is presented for Udacity Full stack nano degree

Article Outline

This project is presented for Udacity Full stack nano degree

main feature of this project to display an item catalog

This project uses google sign in to allow users to sign in and add items to the categories

The project uses a database which contain these tables

  • Category Table
    • Includes these columns :
      • Title of the category.
      • id of the category.
  • Item Table
    • Includes these columns:
      • The id of the item.
      • The title of the item.
      • The category id of which this item belongs ( as foreign key )
      • The id of the owner of the item ( as foreign key )
  • User table
    • Includes these columns:
      • The id of the user.
      • The email of the user.
      • The full name of the user.
      • The photo of the user.

Steps you need to run this code:

  • Install the required software:
  • Once installed, download the project as zip file , then extract the files into the vagrant folder "/vagrant" using your prefered command line , input the following commands:
     cd vagrant
     vagrant up 
     vagrant ssh
     cd /vagrant
    • This means that vagrant is ready, now you have to input the following commands:
    • "database_setup.py" will create the tables mentioned above
    • "database_seeder.py" will populate the database with dummy data
    • "catalogApp.py" is the app which you run to access the item catalog
    • Once you're ready and have all these files, input these commands:
      python database_setup.py
      python database_seeder.py
      python catalogApp.py
    • The project should be excuted and now you can browse the item catalog by going to your prefered internet browser and enter the url: http://localhost:5000/
    • To view the database as JSON format you can use the following url: http://localhost:5000/Catalog/json
    • To view info of specefic item as JSOn you use the following url: http://localhost:5000/item/1 where "1" is the id of the item